Delete Excessive Spaces : More than two spaces or Tab have been emerged continuously, one of them would be reserved, the rest be deleted.

Delete Leading Spaces.

Delete Trailing Spaces.

Delete All Spaces.

Delete All Numbers (0-9).

Delete All English Letter (a-z):Deleted all capital letters and lower case letters in cells.

Delete All Text Characters:Delete all text characters but the number, punctuation, space or tab.

Delete Non-printing Characters.

Delete Symbols.

Remove Custom Characters:Each character what you input in the edit box will be deleted in the original text.

Remove Custom Word:Delete the word what you input, the part which is identical to the original will be deleted.

First N:Delete the First N characters before you defined the location.

Last N:Delete the last N characters after you defined the location.

From … To:Delete all characters between the position “from” and “to”.