Customize Shortcuts

Add additional keyboard shortcuts for Excel built-in commands. You can largely improve work efficiency by using shortcut keys. But there are no shortcut keys for the common commands in Excel. Some built-in shortcut keys are hard to use, and there is no “customize shortcut” function in Excel.

Now OfficeTent Excel Add-in can do it. It adds an addition keyboard shortcut for Excel built-in commands. The built-in shortcut keys also work.

  1. You need to find out the added shortcut command.
    By this way of inputting the command name as you need in the edit box, you can find it out rapidly.

  2. Select the command in the list.

  3. Select the “Additional Shortcut”, then press the shortcut as you want in the edit box.
    If the shortcut is occupied, you can get the command name corresponding to the shortcut you are using in the edit box of  “Used By”.
    If pressed the “Assign” button, the shortcut key will be assign to the current command. The shortcut for the “Used By” will be disabled

  4. Press “Assign” button, apply to the setting of the shortcut.


OfficeTent Excel Add-in Shortcuts