Formula Editor

The formula can be showed not only in a new window  but also in a full screen which is easy to read.

Format functions automatically and shown in multiple lines.

You can expand or toggle folding the code. It’s convenient for hiding temporarily the unwanted part.

Zoom in or Zoom out : Ctrl+mouse wheel , you may enlarge or reduce the characters size.

Syntax highlighting: Help you read the function more easily.

Auto-completion function’s name helps you insert and edit function quickly and accurately

Line Numbers: Lets you hide or show numbers at the beginning of each line of code.

Word Wrap: Wraps all the text in Code view so that it appears within the defined space of the view.

Make the current line highlight: the current caret position of the line is showed by the yellow background.

Functions and parameters are automatically indented, it’s made more clear of the functions’ subordination relation.

Word Wrap: when the text is too long, the parts of overlong in a cell will be hidden. Now setting  “Word Wrap” may display the whole text in the window under the condition of keeping the size of column width.


Formula Editor