OfficeTent Excel Add-in

Make Excel more highly efficient

Support Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. Free for non-commercial use.


Download Excel Add-in (For 32-bit Excel) 3.6M


Download Excel Add-in (For 64-bit Excel) 4.0M


 OfficeTent Excel Add-in


Add a bookmark in the current cell. When you want to return, then easy to click on the “Previous Bookmark” to the cell referred to the bookmark.

Find & Replace Plus

More than 40+ types condition settings for find and replace. The default is the wildcard. You can choose Regular Expression.

Change Case

To UPPER Case, To lower Case, Start Each Cell With Upper Case, Start Each Word With Upper Case, Start Each Sentence With Upper Case.

Data Pane

Data pane is displayed in landscape or covered the entire window for reading large columns data.

Add Text

Add words at the specified position.Prefix, Suffix, Insert Before Capital Letter, Insert … at pos


Extract some part of the text in a cell, and replaced the cell by the extracted text.

Reverse Text

Reverse text separated by None, Space, Comma, Semicolon, Line Break (Alt+Enter).


Highlight Row/Column is shown a green cross on the current cell.


It records the visited cells and quickly back to the cell that you visited.

Customize Shortcuts

Add additional keyboard shortcuts for Excel built-in commands.

Selection Helper

More than 40 conditions can be chosen for select some cells.

Formula Editor

The formula can be showed not only in a new window but also on a full screen. Support Syntax highlighting, Folding , Auto-completion function’s name, Zoom in or Zoom out code. Format functions automatically and shown in multiple lines.


Delete Excessive Spaces, Delete Leading Spaces, Delete Trailing Spaces, Delete All Spaces, Delete All Numbers (0-9), Delete All English Letter (a-z), Delete All Text Characters, Delete Non-printing Characters, Delete Symbols.